Educational Workshops “The Clean Hands Academy”

The Clean Hands Academy
14 September 2020

As the part of the knowledge dissemination,

the workers of Witold Stefanski Institute of Parasitology Polish Academy of Sciences organized workshops “The Clean Hands Academy” for school kids.
“The Clean hands Academy” workshops were held during October and November 2020, in 8 educational institutions located in Warsaw. Overall, almost 300 participants took part in this year’s edition of workshops.

During workshops, kids learned when to wash their hands, and how to wash their hands in the correct way. They were also taught what bacteria and viruses are, and the benefits of washing their hands for their own health as well as their loved ones by using simple rules.
In the era of global pandemic promoting such important, but also simple activities may significantly give an improvement of children’s everyday life. Every child received gift bags with gadgets, hygienic articles (for kids), and a Personal Certificate of participation from the workshops.

Among numerous submitted artworks and literary works that were seen, there are 4 that have been selected for awards.

1st Place

A comic book submitted by class 4 A – Orlat Lwowskich Primary School No 375

2nd Place

A poster submitted by class 3A – Heleny Marusarzowny Primary School No 175
A poster submitted by class 1C – Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego Primary School No 373

3rd Place

The Nursery Rhyme collection submitted by class 3B – Orlat Lwowskich Primary School No 375

For the winning classes the organizers and sponsors decided to fund additional prizes; eg. Educational Tour to The Research Station of The Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Our Congratulation to all of the winners and participants that took place!


MSc Anna W. Myczka (supervisor), MSc Aleksandra Cybulska, MSc Aleksandra Kornacka Stackonis


Grupa Sarantis Polska S.A. Dystributor of Carex and Luksja in Poland


the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, ESCCAP Poland