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The establishment was erected in December 1952 as a Departament of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1980 the Departament was transformed into the Insytute of Parasitology of the PAS. In 1983 the Insitute was named after Prof. Witold Stefański. It has a legal status since 1998. New discoveries as well as the need for controlling human, animal and plant parasitic diseases contributed to the establishing of parasitology as a separate field of science. In order for parasite control to be efficient it is necessary to closely investigate the host parasite system and the phenomenom of parasitism itself. The newly formed Departament of Parasitology was obligated to cover the whole field of parasitology through basic research, emphasizing parasites of human and animal health and econimic importance in Poland.
The Witold Stefański Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a specialist and unique national establishment which conducts comprehensive basic research allowing significant problems to be solved in the field of Parasitology.
The mission of the Institute is to:
  • acquire, advance and disseminate knowledge concerning general, veterinary and medical parasitology, as well as the environment and related fields,
  • undertake activities to support practical initiatives aimed at diagnosing and limiting the spread of human and animal parasites,
  • develop the principles of parasite prevention and improve methods of deer breeding.

  • The Institute pursues its mission by:
  • conducting interdisciplinary scientific research in the field of Parasitology,
  • publishing papers in scientific journals of world renown,
  • establishing and developing national and international scientific cooperation,
  • providing academic training,
  • preparing reviews and expert opinions, and disseminating knowledge among the general public.

    Themes of research conducted at the Witold Stefański Instiute of Parasitology:

    Research on the biology of parasites

    Research on the physiology of the host-parasite relationship

    Research on the epidemiology and control of parasitic diseases

    In the given context in each year of the study they are enriched by solving specific issues emerging from earlier studies , or resulting from the current economic and health needs...


    The Institute has a Parasitological Library containing 25,000 volumes of books and 533 titles of periodicals. It contains literature on general, medical and veterinary parasitology as well as relating sciences : zoology, ecology, zoogeography and others

    It is the most complete, specialist library which serves the whole parasitological environment in Poland, both scientists and students. The library increases its contents regularly. It cooperates and conducts exchange with 15 other libraries and scientific establishments in Poland and 97 from abroad.