Visit of prof. Sergiej Movsesian

Meeting of the Main Board of the PPS
25 June 2016
INTER science popularization competition – FNP
1 August 2016

20-24 June 2016

Cooperation between Polish and Russian parasitologists has been initiated more than 60 years ago by Professors W. Stefański and K.I Skrjabin. Within this longlasting cooperation on 20-24 June 2016 our Institute has been visited by Professor Sergej Movsesian, head of the Laboratory of Experimental Parasitology, Center of Parasitology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. The aim of this visit was  to sign the cooperation agreement between the IP PAS and CP RAS and to prepare a join research project titled “The formation of helminto-fauna biodiversity complexes and the parasite-host relationship in a particularly dangerous helmintozes.”

The project will be realized in 2016-2018. Professor Aleksander Demiaszkiewicz has been proposed to be the Polish Principle Investigator.


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