The Institute has a Parasitological Library containing 25,000 volumes of books and 533 titles of periodicals. It contains literature on general, medical and veterinary parasitology as well as relating sciences : zoology, ecology, zoogeography and others. It is the most complete, specialist library which serves the whole parasitological environment in Poland, both scientists and students. The library increases its contents regularly. It cooperates and conducts exchange with 15 other libraries and scientific establishments in Poland and 97 from abroad.

Polish Parasitology Bibliography:

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The Institute is the publisher of Acta Parasitologica, a quarterly, in English, since 1954. It is the only periodical of this sort published in our country. The journal contains mainly original and review papers as well as research notes and parasitological book reviews. The quarterly is present on the journal list of the Institute for Scientific Information (for 2013 IF = 0,965).