Science Festival

ADIPAR – nowy projekt w 6 Programie Ramowym
2 June 2016
The ceremony of granting habilitation and Ph.D diplomas
14 June 2016

The participation of the Institute of Parasitology in the Science Festival

The Science festival in Warsaw was initiated by prof. Davida Shugara in the Interdisciplinary Modelling Centre (ICM) of the Warsaw University (UW) in Dcember 1996.

The Instiute of Parsitology actively participates in the Festival since 1998 – the second Science Festival Each year we present a series of interesting lectures on general, medical and environmental parasitology.

The lecturerers involved in the Festival during the recent years were:
Prof. dr hab. Mieczysława Boguś (coordinator of the II SF)
Prof. dr hab. Irena Wita,
Prof. dr hab. Jan Dróżdż,
Prof. dr hab. Teresa Pojmańska,
Prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Niewiadomska,
Doc. dr hab. Bożena Moskwa,
Dr Anna Borecka (koordynator III, V-XI FN),
Dr Monika Kozak,
Dr Luiza Jedlina-Panasiuk,
Dr Elżbieta Kędra,
Dr Grzegorz Karbowiak,
Dr Katarzyna Goździk,
Dr Justyna Bień,
Dr Izabela Przybysz,
Dr Wioleta Wieloch i
Dr Witold Jeżewski.

The events organized by us were very popular among the society. School children, students and people of various professions took part in our lectures.

In 2012 we will also be organizing the Science Festival.